Stand against Democrats

Recently President Obama and the Democrats claimed victory. What is their victory? This country owes more than $17 trillion and counting; more people are working part time or have no job at all; more people are on food stamps; and the disaster of Obamacare to the medical community and patient care continues.

If something similar happened in the private sector, a company would fire the CEO and those in charge. Yet, we keep the same politicians who promise to take from one group and give to another group – anything to get their votes that keep them in power.

We watch a few good men and women stand up against this, and they are called names, and their reputations are destroyed. When will we stand with these few good people and become worthy of all of those in our past who gave their lives to make this country great?

Joy Randolph




Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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