Quit harassing smokers

Again, Augusta commissioners have been tasked with the decision to ban smoking in bars and, once again, I feel compelled to act.


Bar patrons are adults, and as adults can make up their own minds whether they will patronize a smoking establishment. Again, I remind bar owners that if they wished to go nonsmoking, they can do so at anytime – without an ordinance. It is not necessary to hide behind an ordinance and blame the government for losing business.

As far as workers’ “rights,” there are more nonsmoking establishments than smoking. A bartender (and, by my personal experience, more bartenders smoke than not) has the opportunity to find employment at a nonsmoking establishment. Leave it up to the free market.

At best, require smoking establishments to post a sign – that I will provide free of charge – announcing that they allow smoking in their establishments. There are more important issues in this county than smoking at a privately owned business.

Amy Lewis




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