Chalk up another disaster for Obama

President Obama rolled out his health care website a few weeks ago, and it was a crashing success! This kind of failure could be engineered only by the Obama administration, the Internal Revenue Service, more than $600 million dollars and a foreign company all putting their best efforts forward. Perhaps Obama outsourced the building of this website to a Canadian company so he could prove he could outsource better than Mitt Romney.


As usual, once things started going wrong, the Obama administration followed their first inclination and, in my opinion, lied. The crash was blamed on high traffic to the website. I am surprised it wasn’t blamed on a video created by the Tea Party. Weeks later, the truth is coming out that it is simply a bad product. So now Obama is asking Americans to help.

Then of course, to make a bad situation worse, there was a Rose Garden ceremony last week. Shades of Libya and 9-11. There were 13 supposedly successful users of the website who stood behind Obama. The only problem is that only three of them had actually been able to successfully purchase insurance on the website. I am sure CNN’s Candy Crowley will step up to falsely assure us that more people present did enroll.

Obama – having fouled up Mideast foreign policy, having been rolled by Russian President Vladimir Putin and having created a complete mess of the health care rollout – is now setting his aim on immigration reform. I’m sure those in this country illegally are desperately praying that the road to amnesty doesn’t involve going through an Obama-created website!

David G. Brown




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