Our America could fade

Knowing that the pendulum always swings back in the other direction, there is a collective group of Republicans-in-name-only, left-leaning moderates and of course the fascist Democratic Party attempting to prevent it by manipulating the opinions of the underinformed masses with inflammatory rhetoric. They also use deception and lies to play off their ignorant constituents’ emotions.

This is nothing new. The Democratic Party has, for years, used the media to portray conservatives as heartless creatures, with rigid beliefs founded in a sexist, racist, homophobic attitude. What these politically savvy Saul Alinsky types have done, with the help of biased media, is to continually pound home these false ideas of their conservative counterparts to prevent the pendulum from swinging back to the right. So far they have been successful in persuading the totally indoctrinated electorate to believe their rhetoric while emboldening left-wingers who have longed for so-called social justice.

This is the perfect storm of political destruction of our way of life. It will drag down those who have largely been responsible for creating small businesses, along with the multitudes of middle-class workers dependent upon jobs supplied by these small businesses. As a result, America will become a two-class society – the rich and the poor. The middle class will be destroyed by the hands of leftists in the name of social justice.

By the time the electorate wakes up and sees the collapse, it will be too late to reverse course. The left would have accomplished its goal of one-party rule – their party. America will become weakened permanently in the eyes of the rest of the world, and politicians will have total control of the people and their way of life from cradle to grave. The elitist governing body will have no opposition, and America as we once knew it will only be a fading memory.




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