Let's sacrifice to recover

President Obama is getting just what he wanted, and that is equality for all. Obama is the modern-day Robin Hood – he takes from the rich and gives to the poor. A so-called poor person has all the conveniences anyone needs, and they are getting more and more. Where is the incentive for anyone to work hard?


This president is bankrupting our country. Under his presidency, our national debt has ballooned to $17 trillion; the numbers don’t lie. When we do go officially bankrupt, the government will not be able to pay for its debts, Social Security checks, Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, government housing, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, veterans’ disability checks – the list goes on.

Rest assured there will be violence in the streets just like in Greece. This was Obama’s plan all along, and that was to fundamentally transform America into a European-style socialistic country. Americans must wake up to the fact that we are at the edge of a cliff. We must stop the liberal ideology, stop the tax-and-spend, set a budget and live by it. Every household has only so much money to live on; if your family budget is not abided by, there will be consequences. You could get the “miss meal colic,” as my dad wryly used to say.

Don’t fall for Obama’s Pied Piper illusions: “Follow me and I’ll set you free.” After all, it is just an illusion.

For the United States to survive, everyone has to give up something to get us back on the road to recovery. Government spending on entitlements has to be adjusted; taxes must be adjusted; and the military must be upgraded and maintained. We need a strong leader for president and smart, business-oriented people as the staff to guide the United States back to the country we used to have.




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