Suburban road dangerous

I live on Hardy McManus Road – just driveways west of where a fatal collision occurred Oct.10, taking the life of a child and changing a family and friends forever. The speed limit is 45 mph on the majority of this roadway. It is 35 at the location of the collision. No one goes 45, much less 35, on this road.


Each day when I wait for traffic to pass so I can enter the road from my driveway, I wonder if today is the day that I’m not going to make it. When there finally is a break in the traffic and I do get out, it’s in only seconds that the rearview mirror shows a car on my rear. The driver also is giving me a hand signal that perhaps shows he thinks I’m No. 1.

To complicate the future of this situation, Columbia County commissioners have approved a new road to feed into this one that is presently under construction to feed traffic from the suburb to the north so drivers can get onto Furys Ferry Road. I suspect that this will result in several hundred new cars each day on the road, which has adjacent house developments that total in excess of 3,000 homes, housing people who leave for and return from work twice daily. I have asked the county for a new projected traffic count but that request has been ignored.

The savior in all of this is the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Its patrol of this area is extraordinary. I have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Colorado, and this department provides far more comfort of security and protection than I ever experienced. We will rely on them to continue to perform in their normal manner.

Ted Foti




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