Name still needs changing

Recently, our granddaughter required treatment at the former Medical College of Georgia Hospital for her problem. I must admit that I was amazed at how everything has been renamed with the Georgia Regents University logo. Most of the employees were wearing T-shirts with that logo on it. Even the female doctor was wearing one.


It seems to me that things have reached the basement of society since GRU President Ricardo Azziz was put in the position as a puppet for the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. Azziz was brought in to oversee the merging of the two universities in Augusta – Augusta State University and the Medical College of Georgia (which, by the way, was renamed immediately by Azziz to Georgia Health Sciences University).

If you’re thinking that I’m just a sore loser because the new name for the universities doesn’t have “Augusta” in the name, then you are absolutely correct. I don’t like the GRU name. I have family members who graduated from Augusta College, Augusta State and MCG, but because of the puppet Azziz, the Augusta name probably is gone forever at those institutions.

Let’s change the name to the University of Augusta and get rid of Azziz.

Bennie Harbin




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