Keep humanity in future

My vision of the future of our country was one in which all people are created equal, and because we do not have a class of nobility, even the poorest of us can rise to places of importance because of our own endeavors.


That said, our world has changed. Before, goods and food were produced by large numbers of men and women from the fields to the factories. Machines have replaced them. In a sane world, the people could maintain the machines keeping their jobs, as though automation was made up of tools of the people, not replacements for them. But as is the nature of mankind, greed comes into play. Why keep people as part of the equation, greedy people think, when people really are not needed, except occasionally to retool or repair machines? Great piles of money are to be made.

The owners of these great endeavors (either factories or industrial farms) have forgotten two great truths: There must be markets for their stuff; and you can’t downsize an entire nation.

So what do we do as a people to survive – not just the owners, but all people – without turning on ourselves, which is what we are doing as a species? Let us keep the future sane for all our sakes.

Michael Ferguson




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