Tighten U.S. immigration

Playing the blame game lacks understanding in the opinions expressed in the media.


The president points to the Republican House as being controlled by radicals. That statement puts the blame on every citizen whom House members represent. His refusal to negotiate or postpone the decision on Obamacare for a year (into an election year) is understandable but unacceptable – thus we have a shutdown. He has drawn a red line for forced socialistic medicine. The possibility remains that the red line may turn pink or even be disowned, as it was with Syria.

The next event in the crisis is the national debt ceiling. Bear in mind that more than half of the present debt was incurred with Obama as president, and he isn’t finished yet.

More recently we have news on the upside – the successful Delta Force raid in Libya and the Navy SEALs attack in Somalia are a tribute to our military. We can anticipate coverage by the commander in chief, with the usual number of “I’s” in his statement. Congratulations to the military intelligence, planning and execution of the missions by our brightest and best.

We are a nation weary of war – not 12 years, but more than 200 years now. The conflict with Muslim nations began with President Jefferson’s decision to refuse to pay ongoing tribute to the Barbary pirates. a group of Muslim countries, for the safe passage of ships, and he ordered military action without congressional approval. The Marines’ Hymn recalls the “shores of Tripoli.”

The solution to the radical Islamic plague of brutality and murderous insanity has spread around the world. The solution lies within their own people who are not infected. Until they overcome their fear of the fanatics and out them to authorities, the plague will continue to spread.

Since we are unable to identify and separate the sheep from the goats, our only effective action is to stem the immigration of Muslims and deport those found connected to terrorism by any means. This may sound in conflict with the melting pot of immigrants that has formed our nation, but we must prevent it from turning into a chamber pot.



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