Shutdown axes camping

I have been camping at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s Modoc Campground since 1973. It’s the most beautiful, sacred place I have ever camped! They have the best gatekeepers ever – Darleen and Stanley, and Billie and John! I have been trying to convince them to keep it open year-round as they used to.

After camping I found out that they were planning to stay open through November – until this government shutdown mess. I discovered quite a few campground workers were not being paid, and some were let go. This must be changed!

Please pray for our government to be for the people, and if more would camp there you would truly understand what’s really important in life! Thank you for all you can do and please contact your lawmakers in Congress. It doesn’t seem fair when they keep their pay as benefits!

Lin McKenney

Columbia, S.C.



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