Here's the real debate

The United States is bankrupt. Life goes on as normal because there is great flexibility in such a huge economy.


There is a “budget crisis” and a looming “debt-limit crisis.” These are a problem because, I think, Congress and the president planned it. The president sent his budget proposal to Congress in the spring. It was late, but since an actual budget – with 13 separate appropriations bills – has not been signed into law for four years, the president’s tardiness is moot.

Both parties blame each other for the shutdown. The fact is that they have had more than five months to debate the budget. The House of Representatives has produced numerous budget bills only to see them tabled by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Since the last budget passed was the Pelosi-Reid-Obama budget, the Democrats are happy to “continue it” with a constant stream of continuing resolutions.

The real debate is over the type of government we actually have. Democrats say that America is a democracy, and must operate by “majority rule.” The Constitution is a “dated” document and is irrelevant now. Conservatives say that America is a constitutional republic with limited government. A century ago, progressives were successful in reducing the power of the states with the 17th Amendment. Senators had been elected by state legislatures. Now both representatives and senators are popularly elected. Only their terms of office are different. The problem with democracies is they fail when the people realize that they can write checks to themselves.

Democrats make a heartwarming appeal for the “little guy.” In the 1930s it was electricity and secure retirements for all. From the 1960s on, it was jobs and promotions through race preference for minorities and medical care for all. For several decades it has been telephones for all. The progressive “solution” is always according to Karl Marx’s philosophy of taking from those who have and redistributing to those who “need.” Marxism fails when, as Margaret Thatcher said, you run out of other people’s money. Progressives believe individual responsibility and free markets are wrong. A marriage with husband and wife is wrong because “it takes a village to raise a child.” There is power in the union of workers and the in the “collective.”

We have clear examples implementations of fascism, communism and socialism that failed. Our constitutional republic with a free-market economy has succeeded well. Our forefathers believed in the inherent sinfulness of mankind, and the need for checks and balances. That rule of law is rarely practiced today.

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.



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