Who's to blame? The voters

Oct. 1 started a partial shutdown of the U.S. government because of a lack of a budget agreement. Democrats from the president down are blaming the Republicans. Republicans are blaming the Democrats.

This is happening all over this great country – people are wondering why the House and Senate cannot get their act together, and we as a whole blame the “other” party. If you are eligible to vote and don’t vote, then you have no business complaining about what the government does; you obviously don’t really care. If you are like me and vote in every election – and then you wonder why problems such as a government shutdown happen and look to blame someone for the problems – I would advise not to look to Washington and blame the Republicans in the House and Senate, nor to blame the Democrats in the House and Senate.

What I would recommend is for each individual to go look in the mirror. The person looking back at you is who is to blame! We, the American voters, are the ones who keep sending senators and representatives back to Washington time after time and expecting them to change. They won’t change as long as they have it so good. We the voters are the ones who have to do the changing.

Bruce H. Tedford




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