Slant skews shutdown issue

As I watch and read the news, the slant always amazes me. “The Republicans are dead-set on shutting down the government” is the message we hear. Is it accurate, or would it be more accurate to say that those most isolated from the electorate – the Senate and president, who are Democratic – continue to take a course to shut down the government by refusing to work with those closest to the people?

Wouldn’t it be more accurate for headlines to read “Senate, Democrats refuse to pass a continuing resolution and votes to shut down government” or “President refuses to negotiate and shuts down government”? The Founding Fathers set up checks and balances in the government by providing longer terms for senators and the president, fearing the masses going off on a fad or tangent detrimental to the country. The House and its members’ shorter terms make it more responsive to the masses. But in the past decade, it has been the supposed checks on the masses that have strayed from the path of normalcy and gone off on tangents.

The Fourth Estate has chosen sides with those going off on tangents, and derides those who would maintain a responsible course. As a result, we see labels that are applied to really bad people who threaten the whole world being applied to those who peacefully ask only for sanity, and for government to live within its means.



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