Why oppose voter photo ID?

Photo voter ID laws are treated by liberal media as sinister schemes advocated by right-wing extremists to deny the elderly, poor and minorities voter access.


Another charge against photo IDs is that it is difficult for elderly, poor or minorities to travel to obtain this ID. I am required to show photo ID to receive medical care. How can these “denied” voters from rural areas with no medical care in their areas travel to Augusta’s medical facilities for treatment but can’t arrange travel to obtain burdensome free photo ID?

Critics of photo ID requirements say these are not needed by these voters since they don’t have bank accounts; they have no vehicles, so they don’t need drivers’ licenses; they don’t rent cars, don’t go to hotels and don’t get on planes or ships or apply for passports. This “denied” group must be healthy since they apparently never need medical services, although many are elderly.

Should the American Civil Liberties Union sue all medical facilities as being discriminatory for requiring the insidious and burdensome requirement of a photo ID?

Jean Bowles




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