Column inspirational

My five children and I have been residents of Augusta all our lives. I had a great upbringing, and I am displaying the same for my children.


I really loved the syndicated column by Walter Williams in The Augusta Chronicle titled “Black households don’t have to stay
poor – save and try, try, try” (Sept. 12). Many black people today give up on their dreams, goals and passions in life because of age; no support from family and friends; low self-esteem; finances; or just plain laziness.

I like to think of myself as being a strong black independent woman with a purpose in this world. I am intelligent and have many talents. My thing is that I can’t seem to figure out my exact purpose or calling, but I’ll stop at nothing until I come to terms with what that is.

Thanks a lot for that article. It was very inspirational and motivational! I will be purchasing a copy of the book Dr. Williams mentioned: The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, by Dennis Kimbro.

I hope to read more columns like this. Thanks, and look to hear more from me. Have a blessed day.

Natovia Jones



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