Obama thrown to wolves

It was a surprise to feel that twinge of empathy as I watched a recent video of President Obama walk alone, head slightly bowed, to his Oval Office.

I was never a fan, but I have come to believe that he originally had a plan to help the poor in America. He was naïve, to say the least. I believe he had encountered racism in his life and hoped to make a “change.” His handlers wanted only to make history by having a black man become America’s president – albeit a man who was untried, inexperienced and uninformed. They chose him as a symbol: a symbol to show the world how unprejudiced we really were.

Obama was charismatic, liberal and confident. But he had no idea of how to be a president. Because of this major flaw, his liberal handlers threw Barack Obama to the Washington wolves. It was a waste of a good man.

Patricia Salisbury

McCormick, S.C.



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