Get to work improving city

The time has come when people in our community are becoming more aware of our political misguidance and even lack of reasonable progress. Because of this awakening, more citizens are speaking out, asking questions and demanding answers.


We would be very prudent to begin the process of changing the political, public housing and educational cultures within our borders. We simply cannot continue operating under a cloud of wishful thinking and hidden hands, and somehow believe that we will come out shining in the end. If we continue on with business as usual, the joke will be squarely on us – and it won’t be funny.

We should initiate a county initiative that encompasses major areas of community concern – juvenile crime, unkept lots (exposing slumlords), and efficiency of our Augusta Commission and school board. We are overdue on a robust public transportation system, and somewhat derelict on developing our young adults.

The steps that have to be undertaken to reach a higher level of prosperity will not be easily implemented or understood. However, we will not become this major, thriving metropolis that we hope for and often speak about. If you are a government employee who is here for the ride, or an average performer who is around just for a check, then this community is not wholesomely benefiting from your service. If a parent does not accept responsibility for his or her child, or is not held accountable for that child’s behavior, then tell me how we expect to improve our public education? How can we expect to reduce violent crimes by our young adults if we don’t take legal action on negligent parents?

How can we expect a more efficient government when some department heads or higher-ranking managers act as though they are not accountable to citizens, or demonstrate an almost complete disregard for the average citizen, or are very difficult to work with from a subordinate standpoint?

And how about the promise of a slimmer, more efficient consolidated government? Too many individuals seem to feel they are somewhat entitled to a job, pay raise etc., all at taxpayers’ expense. This same thought process by citizens and politicians alike ultimately tilts the scale of progress toward unbalance. It also appears that the good ol’ boys at the country club and the “chosen one” medical institution are calling all of the shots behind the scenes.

I am but a voice in the wilderness, and cling to the hope that we will accomplish great things here in Richmond County. Let’s roll!



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