It all boils down to safety

In reply to the “Do you see the elephant?” letter Aug. 31: Regarding draws to an area – safety, schools, entertainment, jobs, etc. – the No. 1 item has to be safety. Without this, nothing else succeeds.


Safety/control starts at home, with the family unit. The breakdown of this causes a house of cards to fall.

If the statement by an Augusta commissioner that crime is everywhere and we don’t have a problem – and that is the mind-set of Augusta leadership – then denial rules the day, and urban blight takes over.

Recently I visited Branson, Mo., and saw how a downtown-on-the-river can succeed. It reminded me of Augusta – Riverwalk, without the problems. I recommend the leaders of Augusta contact this city, and find out how it is successfully running its downtown. If what you’re doing isn’t working, seek help from those who have succeeded.

William Getha



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