Syria affair grows absurd

President Obama doesn’t want to take action against the Syrian regime because they are killing their own people. He wants to do it because they are killing their own people the wrong way. If they would just continue to shoot the rebels and their al-Qaida friends in the head, run over them with tanks or fill their guts with shrapnel, that would be fine and dandy. But since they used chemical weapons (isn’t napalm a chemical?), they somehow have crossed the unforgivable line that has been crossed so many times in the past.

For some strange reason, the world isn’t eager to cross the line to punish nations for using chemical weapons, even when they are outlawed. Perhaps that Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Obama’s head to where he feels he must lead the world into a kinder, gentler killing field.

The only thing stranger in this theater of the absurd is the confederacy of dunces known as the Tea Party, claiming Obama is leading the attack to draw attention from sequestration, Obamacare and the IRS scandal. Thank you, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, for again showing the world your inability to put a simple noun and verb together without looking like a buffoon.

Michael Ledo

Windsor, S.C.



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