Keep the family together

I have seen moms and dads together raise their children as a family, with or without guns in their homes. The outcomes I’ve seen have produced overwhelmingly healthy, capable, balanced, resilient, self-reliant and self-supporting young adults who become responsible citizens you never hear about because they don’t get into or cause trouble (with or without guns).


I also have seen moms try to raise their children without a dad in the home. The outcomes I’ve seen have produced children who grow into adulthood barely educated, barely self-reliant and barely able to support themselves; suffering from a lack of ability to succeed in life on their own; and they are most often the ones we hear about in trouble (with and without guns).

Why won’t The Augusta Chronicle take the lead to publish story after story, day after day, week after week, month after month showing pointed examples of the above real-life situation that is causing problems around our city and our country every day?

Why won’t The Chronicle make the effort to drive this message home? Single-mother households are the root cause of much of the havoc we are suffering across all economic, social and racial lines – of children failing in school, children becoming increasingly violent, children having active sex lives, children being abused, childhood obesity and children ultimately growing into broken adults.

Moms and dads raising children as families would go further than anything else to straighten out many of the problems afflicting our country. How about the rest of you reading this? Why don’t you take the time and make efforts to help moms and dads stay together to raise their children as united families?

And for all the gun-control zealots out there: If you’d focus on helping moms and dads stay together to rear their children as families, that would reduce gun violence more than all the gun-control laws anyone could think up.

Steve R. Smith




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