We should stay out of Syria

I do not think the United States needs to take any action in Syria, especially if other members of the United Nations aren’t taking action. If the Arab League has a problem with the way Syria is run, it can act unilaterally by sending all of its money and its troops to take care of the human rights crisis. Frankly, the Middle East’s economy is much better than ours, so let its countries foot the bill for issues that are taking place in their neighborhood.


America has other concerns where defense is needed, particularly with all of the drug cartels, human trafficking and attempted terrorist attacks that are filtering in through the U.S.-Mexican border.

We are not the police of the world. Our economy is suffering, and the only sector benefitting from sending our troops to war is the private military-industrial complex. Soldiers certainly are not benefitting from the epic war in Afghanistan, not to mention fighting two wars simultaneously for a decade. If our military has proved anything in this so-called “holy war,” it’s that our country’s leaders have egos too large to stop a war that is ineffective, even after American military leaders admit to the public that our reasons for invading Iraq were based on false intelligence.

History repeats itself, but this is a record! A decade has passed, and the current politicians and media are trying to pull the same stunt again! Unfortunately, our country’s leaders don’t have as much at stake as the soldiers fighting in those wars and the families who lose their loved ones.

Today, our country’s leaders don’t even have respect for themselves, their families or their constituents, considering the offensive way they speak to one another in public forums.

Melissa Wredt




Wed, 12/13/2017 - 22:29

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