Some kids never leave nest

There are more than 22 million adult children still living at home with their parents in the United States alone.


It’s a known fact that more and more adult children come back home or never leave home. A recent study says that nearly 29 percent of adult children ages 25 to 34 still reside with their parents.

Moving back home has enormous and immediate advantages for adult children, but it’s not such a great deal for the parents, and in the long term, it may not be good for the children. They clearly are not financially savvy.

What are the benefits of staying at home? Somebody else pays the bills, worries about the mortgage, cuts the grass, does the laundry and cooks. It’s like having a maid and a butler. Some parents are just too kind to kick out their still-dependent children.

Maintaining a household is an expensive proposition, so everyone living under the same roof needs to carry his or her own weight. Moms and dads will not be around forever to tidy up the house and pay all bills.

Some adult children are living with aging and/or ill parents. Most do not take the time to give care to or help their ill moms or dads. Everything is about them. “I have things to do and places to go,” some adult children probably say. They have forgotten that if it weren’t for their parents, they wouldn’t be here.

My firstborn son often tells me this. He will give me a hug and say, “Mom, thank you for having me.” That will make any mother feel good and appreciated.

My mom is not here now; she is in paradise with our Heavenly Father. I miss her every day.

If your parents are still alive, tell them how much you love and appreciate them before it’s too late.

Lee Chance




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