Theater policy is nonsense

As an Army veteran and retiree, I was shocked when my 17-year-old son (two months from 18) told me that a certain movie theater in Augusta does not let anyone younger than 18 watch a movie without a guardian 21 or older after 9 p.m. – and this includes rated PG-13 movies!


I entered the Army at 17 (which you can still do), and served at Fort Gordon as a 17-year-old. You can serve in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan at 17 years old. The management staff at the theater stood by this policy firmly, and had no idea that one could serve at 17.

I am shocked and a little upset at the American public’s lack of regard for the military and sacrifices that are made. What happened to common sense? By the way, my son wanted to watch Planes, which as far as I know is for small children. He will be 18 in two months! The theater manager told me – either with absolute sarcasm or utter lack of common sense – that I could come to the movies and watch Planes with my adult son.

Is this liberalism gone bad or maybe conservatism taken to the extreme? Let’s use common sense!

Michael Ferrera



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