Many questions left to ask

In response to Jeff Miller’s Aug. 21 letter “Science is mankind’s savior,” I have a few questions:


Why does he respond with a flip answer to “Where do your morals come from?” The obvious requirement is to respond with the actual instigation of the morals. What does science say morals are, where they come from and how are they measured?

He makes the claim “Prayers never work.” How would he know? Has he or science ever been able to know every prayer said and whether it was answered? Studies have been done in hospitals where the patients never knew they were being prayed for, but the ones who were prayed for had a better healing rate than those who weren’t prayed for. Statistically, that makes a circumstantial case for the efficacy of prayer.

Mr. Miller says God wants women to be second-class citizens. This time he’s the one taking Scripture out of cultural context. Hasn’t he read about Deborah, the fourth judge of Israel (Judges 4:4)? She is said to be the leader of Israel at that time. She only predated Golda Meir by about 3,000 years! Hasn’t he read about the evangelist Philip having four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:9). How can a woman be second-class if she is a prophetess?

Mr. Miller asks why wickedness still exists. Of course, the biblical answer is that we are born with sin in our hearts. Maybe if the Bible had said it was in our genes, Miller might have accepted it. He very confidently asserts the biblical story of the ark was plagiarized from the Gilgamesh epic. Why? The ark in the Gilgamesh epic is a cube, a horrendously unstable form for a boat. The biblical ark has been scientifically and experientially shown to be an extremely stable design for an unpowered, ocean-going vessel.

A few more questions. I presume Mr. Miller believes that evolution is a proven fact. If so, would he please show me where science has created life from nonliving materials and verified it through the scientific method? All experiments to date manipulating genes (as with mayflies, because of their days-long lifespan) have shown all mutations to be at best benign but normally running from harmful to fatal.

Mr. Miller seems convinced that science has proved God doesn’t exist. What experiments have been done to explore the other 12 dimensions postulated by string theory to show that any one of them is not a realm where spirits exist?

It would appear Mr. Miller cherishes vast anger toward people who generally wish him well. How sad.

David E. L. Smith


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