Keep the city Patch going

I was disappointed reading Bob Young’s Augusta Chronicle column Aug.18 (“Repurposing the Patch: City property’s future could lie elsewhere”). Bob wants repurposing of the property, suggesting a city-county park. The idea is certainly thinking out of the box.

I do not think our problem here is the lack of imagination, but rather one of clear thinking and action. First of all, most golfers playing the Patch are not looking for free golf; they are expecting to pay a fair price. There have been legitimate offers of companies ready and willing to remove most all cost from us taxpayers. One would ask then: What is the problem? I think we all know where the problem is – total failure with our Augusta Commission.

Our commission is sitting on a decision allowing the Patch to decay, turning down offers of cost savings. How could it be more clear? We should not lose the Patch because of the inability to make a clear decision. This may be one of those problems that is just too simple, so we work hard making it more complex.

Our city-county course is needed. Lots of old folks like myself, young people and others very much enjoy the old atmosphere displayed in the 1928 layout. Many of our Patch players are asking the commission to take a deep breath and select a management operator before it is well too late.



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