Drop Star Parker

Why do you continue to publish the tiresome and insulting columns of Star Parker (“Take back the civil rights movement,” Aug. 20)?


If what she says about gays and lesbians were said by another columnist about Jews, blacks or any other minority you would drop her or him like a burning coal. Why is Parker sacrosanct? She has actually said, against all evidence to the contrary, that homosexuality is a free choice. It is not even a matter of opinion. The facts are in, and the scientific community has spoken.

Moreover, and contrary to her most recent declaration, homosexuals have not “hijacked” the civil rights movement. We have earned the right to our place in the history of the struggle for legal and social equality. Ms. Parker has certainly earned the right to her place in the annals of blind bigotry.

Hasn’t the time come, at last, for The Chronicle to drop this ridiculous undergraduate and her unimportant fiction and matriculate to a fully developed, serious adult? There are many to choose from, and the change will do us all good.

Joseph J. O’Connell




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