Abandoning God disastrous

With all our efforts to reform and lift human nature to a higher level in society and the world, things just seem to be getting worse.


According to evolution, mankind is supposed to continue improving and getting better, but that just doesn’t seem to be working. With all the advanced education, we have become smarter – yet, we seem to be getting dumber at the same time.

Of course, we have cleared our consciences in some respect. We no longer cringe at the thought of young babies having their arms torn off or their skulls crushed in the womb. Killings and robberies are commonplace, along with the use of drugs. Homosexuals are accepted, and the B4U-ACT organization seeking to normalize pedophilia will be allowed because it is also purportedly an alternative lifestyle. Even our government leaders lie, using deceptive tactics without even a sign of remorse. What is happening?

May I make a suggestion? Somewhere along the line we lost our moral standard to live by. It was the Ten Commandments! We said, “Who needs them anymore?” So they were banned from our society by the courts and replaced by the teaching of evolution! Man became his own ruler!

Yet, when we are desperate and in great need – I mean when we fall down the well head-first – I think even the atheists pray! In spite of denials, down deep in every heart is the little voice telling us: There is a God, and America knows it!

Why the struggle? It would be better and easier to just say: “God, have your way in my life!”

Gil Ward




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