Science is mankind's savior

Nary does a week transpire when I don’t have to explain myself to contemporary yet medieval Christians in Augusta. When informed I’m a nonbeliever, I get a nexus of calumnious and obstreperous questions. Examples include:


• “Why are you mad at God?” These people aren’t listening. How can I be mad at something in which I don’t believe?

• “Why do you worship the devil/Satan?” These people aren’t listening. I worship no deities. You and I only differ by “one.”

• “If you don’t believe or read the Bible, from where do your morals come?” My morals stem from my parents, my family, my friends and myself.

And speaking of reading the Bible, perhaps more Christians should read the Bible from cover to cover (estimated at just 10 percent of Christians worldwide) instead of regurgitating those ubiquitous, oft-quoted, cherry-picked Scriptural quotations.

Moreover, there’s a monumental difference between the questions I’m asked and the questions I pose. My questions are ineptly answered. Believers give me answers from the Bible, then verify those answers with the Bible. What kind of circular reasoning is that? Religion arrogantly gives mankind answers not to be questioned, while man’s true savior – science – humbly probes mankind’s unanswered questions. And just for the record, “God works in mysterious ways” is an embarrassingly inadequate answer.

I’m no better than believers, and they’re no better than me. That’s egalitarianism. Yet, believers still want to condescendingly invoke sanctimonious superiority by praying for me as though they possess super powers I lack. Save your prayers, because prayers never work, regardless of what believers think. I’ll paraphrase the self-fulfilling prophecy: If you keep telling yourself it’s true, even if evidence is to the contrary, sooner or later you’ll actually believe it to be true. And please, save the “he’s taking the Bible out of context” or “he doesn’t understand Scripture” semantic retorts for another time.


Why does God want women to be second-class chattel? (I Timothy 2:11-12)

Why do we still have wickedness if Noah’s Ark and God’s global flood (the plagiarized story of Utnapishtim and the Great Flood from Gilgamesh, which pre-dates the Bible by millennia) was God’s homage to wickedness? (Genesis 6:5-7)

Maybe it’s because “God works in mysterious ways,” right? Jettison your confirmation bias, neutralize the self-fulfilling prophecy I mentioned earlier, be hesitant of your heterodoxies, set your mind to tabula rasa mode and read your entire Bible. Maybe you’ll ask yourself the same question I pondered: How could I have ever been so gullible?

Have you any substantive questions for me?




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