Real 'Hunger Games'?

If you saw the movie The Hunger Games or read the book, you saw a nation divided between the haves (in the capital city) and the have-nots (in the districts). The districts provided everything city residents needed; most district residents lived day-to-day.

Now let’s look at current America. You have a ruling elite in Washington, D.C., who are supposed to work for the people, but usually design policies that benefit only themselves and their staff. Case in point: There have been recent reports that President Obama has carved out a nice exception for members of the Senate, House and their staffers regarding their participation in the Affordable Care Act. It would appear the Washington elite are again attempting to exempt themselves from what a number of Americans despise. And then there is U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., who wants a new tax on financial transactions and stock trades. The merits of his proposal can be debated, but it is another example of how the Washington elite usually only think of more taxes to fund a growing government.

Did you know that some communities around Washington are among the wealthiest in the nation? Truly the districts are providing for the capital city. What next – we provide tributes to Washington for the entertainment of capital city residents?

George J. Weber




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