Pay for a ballpark? Why?

It sounds like I may have to pay higher property taxes to fund a ballpark in North Augusta. I wonder: Why does the public need to fund a highly profitable business – one that can handsomely pay its players, employees and executives? We do not pay taxes to build a Wal-Mart, Lowes, Target, etc. Why do we need to pay the baseball owners of the world to build their businesses? It’s not like they can’t come up with the money. They can pay mega-millions.

Do they really bring in that much money for the city? I imagine all the food, drinks and ticket sales go to the ball park, not the city. Not that many fans are going to stay in town at the motels/hotels or eat in the restaurants.

Why do I, as a taxpayer, need to fund a ballpark?

Jack W. Dalton

Jackson, S.C.



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