Do not bail out Detroit

The debate currently going on regarding whether the federal government should bail out Detroit has a very simple answer: No.


While we all feel very sorry and have a lot of compassion for the people of Detroit and the people who might lose their pensions, those same people are the ones who were members of the unions, and also voted for the politicians who supported these unsustainable pension plans. Perhaps this is a lesson to all people who make decisions in their life.

Maybe we all should try to be more informed and know the consequences of our actions when we walk in to a ballot box and vote for a politician, or vote to be a part of a union that ultimately will make bad decisions and bankrupt a company, city, state or country.

The lack of being informed and being able to think long-term is an epidemic in our country, and is way bigger than Detroit and way bigger than pension plans. Why should the rest of the people, who are trying to make the right decisions and have been making sacrifices in their life, now be forced to bail out those who have not? That should be the real debate.

Frank Chandler




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