Washington is a cesspool

True or not, it has been claimed that parts of the city of Washington, D.C., home of the federal government, were built on swamp land. There is no doubt, however, that the federal government, with its extravagant budget, has long been a swamp of corruption. With the advent of President Obama, that swamp of corruption has become a cesspool.


First there is the $900 billion stimulus, touted for “shovel-ready” jobs. Months later, Obama would concede, with a smirk, there were no “shovel-ready” jobs. So where did the $900 billion go?

Next there is Obamacare:

• It was crafted in the offices of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid by lobbyists and bureaucrats in a language only they could understand.

• It was passed unread by all Democratic senators and deemed to be law by a Democratic House.

• One-sixth of the economy is now under Internal Revenue Service control.

• It contains a “death panel,” as former Democratic National Committee head “Screaming” Howard Dean conceded in a moment of candor.

Then there is Benghazi:

• Four Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists during a seven- to nine-hour attack.

• It was blamed on an obscure video for weeks by Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

• Obama, Clinton, and certain defense officials were AWOL during the attack.

• Obama’s malfeasance in office was covered up, in my opinion, by secreting and threatening survivors.

Then there is the IRS:

• It is feared by the average citizen as the Gestapo in Nazi Germany or the KGB in Russia.

• There is little or no legal recourse for those targeted by the IRS.

• Conservative citizens – who expressed alarm at the encroachment of Obama and the D.C. cesspool on the Constitution and freedom – incurred the wrath of Obama and other federal officials and were harassed by the IRS.

• I think it is illegally colluding with the Federal Elections Commission.

• Senior bureaucrats demonstrate arrogance before Congress and contempt for the American people!

Sadly, there is much more!

Hubert Baker

Aiken, S.C.



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