U.S. progress bogs down

For more than 10 years, we have been made aware of our deteriorating infrastructure – roads and bridges deteriorating to the point of danger to the motoring public. Lip service by the administration has been short of results.


It would take massive public-private efforts for many years to move ahead with such a project, and it would lead to the creation of thousands of jobs. The most basic ingredient in the road and bridge building is cement, for example. So why are cement producers around the country shutting down their plants? We pay for road improvements with gas taxes; if you want to keep driving, pay the tax! The British are paying $8.50 per gallon.

While we now have great resources of natural gas and oil to bring us closer to self-sufficiency, every handicap is thrown at producers and job creators to slow us down. We double-tax our export trade when no other advanced country does – hurting our own job creation. Germany has higher wage levels than we do, yet they have a balanced trade record with China.

They also have to search for qualified employees abroad for their industries, as we do because our low-quality education results in higher dropout rates. Look at some formerly communist-dominated countries such as Poland and others that surpass our math and science scores by more than 40 percent at half the cost per student. We also have some outstanding schools in our United States. Are we unable to copy success?

S.G. von Schweinitz



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