Judge's sentence unfair

I am shocked and saddened at the 20-year prison sentencing of the young woman Kristine Heath, which Superior Court Judge Michael Annis handed down because he didn’t see that she had “remorse or concern or emotion” (“Woman guilty in fatal wreck,” Aug. 15).


Evidently, Judge Annis didn’t see this young woman days, weeks and months after the wreck. I did. I saw her coming in and out of church with her mother seeking comfort and guidance.

Kristy is a stoic type – a caring and helpful person to all who come in contact with her. I have had several interactions with her and have always walked away thinking, “What a nice, responsible girl.” She and her family are upstanding citizens and caring people.

My friends and I came upon that wreck that night. It was in horrible conditions – downpours of rain, wind, lightning, etc. I can understand how Kristy ran through that stop sign! That intersection is very dark and has seen several wrecks in the past.

Judge Annis should know that just because a person does not explicitly show his or her remorse in the courtroom does not mean he or she is not being tortured inside. Judge Annis has ruined a young woman’s life by handing down such a harsh sentence. There are a lot of true despicable derelicts he could fill our prisons with, but Kristy Heath is not one of them.

Teresa N. Quarles


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