Housing complaints mount

Recently, I, as a concerned citizen, wrote a letter to the editor concerning the city’s upkeep of Watkins Street, East Boundary Street, Forsyth Street and others. It took two years of constant calling to Augusta Cares to get the concerns taken care of. Just ride in these areas and notice the changes.


Now, I’m writing this letter about the deficiencies in the following areas, which are under the U.S. Housing Authority:

• Oak Pointe Apartments

• Allen Homes

• M.M. Scott Apartments

All these are near Laney-Walker Boulevard and the East Boundary area.

I have called each one of the above to relay my concerns. Several messages were left at each location. I may have talked to three people, and no one could give a direct answer.

If they don’t know, why are they there? What a waste to have uninformed people in positions of responsibility.

I mentioned the following:

• Grass and hedges have been uncut for several months.

• Potholes need to be repaired.

• Patio areas are hidden by overgrown trees and hedges.

• Grass is left on sidewalks, outside on the street and in front-door entrances to other residences.

When the grass is left like that, it also stops up storm drains. We have a serious problem with flooding in this area, and this contributes to these problems.

When I did ask about the lawn, I was told they had changed to another lawn service and it would be taken care of, yet it has not. One person asked me where my residence was, and my response was that I live in my own home, which I own. It is not really important where one lives to be a concerned citizen. Their question implies that if you don’t live in the area involved, you should mind your own business.

Families live in these areas, so why can’t they be kept up far better than they are?

Doretha Hollins-Williams




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