We lost Vietnam; here's why

On Aug. 4, The Augusta Chronicle published a guest column (“When you realize objectives, U.S. won Vietnam”) by Roger Aeschliman. It’s obvious he needs a history lesson.


As one of many who served in Vietnam, I can tell you we lost the war – not in Vietnam, but in Washington, D.C., mainly because of the liberal news media, whose biased reporting swayed public opinion.

The American military decimated the communist forces on the battlefield, but you would never know this by following the TV newscasts every night. The liberal talking heads refused to report the truth. And after our forces left, Congress – controlled by the Democrats – refused to appropriate funds to the South Vietnamese military. That rendered them unable to supply their force with the necessities of war to defend themselves against a communist invasion.

Aeschliman has a strange definition of winning. If we won the war, why is Vietnam a communist country today? ...

Almost 60,000 Americans did in Vietnam, and another 100,000 or more were maimed for life. And for what? As it turns out, for nothing.

Today, young Americans again are in harm’s way in foreign lands. My fear is that history – real history, not just someone’s opinion – will be repeated, tio the dismay of another generation of young Americans. ...

Richard W. McKinney



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