Spirit of our past vanishing

What great wonders are left in this world if the destructive force of lies takes the wonder, or our awe, out of this great country, our faith and our own lives?


The awe of our country is that we are the freest in the world despite government interference. The awe of our faith is that God still hears our prayers despite the American Civil Liberties Union. The awe of our own lives is that they endure despite the ravages of abortion, euthanasia, forced poverty and, soon, the onslaught of Obamacare.

Our country is unique, and still we do not understand why the outside world would destroy instead of emulate our way of life. Is it because God still abides with us that we thrive through His good grace? Yet we allow ourselves to be conquered from within where selfishness is easier to accept than selflessness? Or when 15 minutes of fame is honored over a lifetime of service, devotion and hard work?

We are turning into a cancerous nation feeding on one another as fame junkies and ego cannibals. If we continue to feed off those who succeed because we are too weak to succeed on our own, we not only defeat ourselves, but commit societal suicide. It’s always easier to be a coward than stand and fight for your country, your family or your God.

The spirit of our past is fast evaporating within this fog of exsorption. Since when did we want to trade Camelot for a parking lot? We were not lucky – we were blessed. Now we live with self-hatred, self-love and envy. Who told us to believe such nonsense? Only your silence has made it so.

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



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