Color this editorial yellow

I just finished reading your editorial titled “Phony Indignation” (Aug. 1), and it has left me speechless. However, as you read on you will realize that’s not quite true, anymore than the information you used in this “attack” on President Obama is true.


In our age of 24/7 news and commentary, no politician can survive a true scandal. Anyone entrusted by the electorate who behaves badly and/or dishonorably is hounded relentlessly until they either get out or are voted out in disgrace. There are far too many politicians who have either been, or are being driven out of office, for you to go “looking” for another such as our president.

You have listed several events that have taken place during President Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, some very tragic, that had they been real scandals would have been cause for him to exit his position and our lives. And yet, you make Obama out to be the smartest president in history to boldly escape punishment for his supposedly scandalous wrong doing.

I could go on to show how you have erroneously portrayed the facts in each of these events to make your even-more-erroneous point, but that would take more space than you allow for letters to the editor.

That said, any of your intelligent readers can Google these events and read the true facts for themselves.

This editorial borders on “yellow journalism” (Google it) at best, and certainly is irresponsible for any respectable newspaper. If you don’t like the president, state your opinion using the truth – not as you would like it to be, but as it really is.