Levee argument is all wet

Channeling President Ronald Reagan’s exclamation about the Berlin Wall, letter writer Tom Swift cries, “Tear down that levee!” (“Remove levee and prosper,” Augusta Chronicle Aug. 1).


Swift erroneously writes that the Savannah River rose only a few feet, while in fact it rose in some places over 15 feet, a figure not to be ignored. For over a week, water covered over standing docks, flower beds and decorative grasses.

Furthermore, without the levee, the river would have invaded downtown.

Swift is devoted to the wrong crusade, claiming outsize gains for the city if the levee is destroyed, claims that are pie in the sky; the destruction of the levee would not particularly benefit our waterfront. We have an attractive Riverwalk, which needs only to be cared for, secured and enhanced.

On a recent trip to Guayaquill, Ecuador, we strolled on their river walk, also built up from the shore but developed with interesting points of information, imaginative sculptures relating to their history, and architecturally attractive seating. It then led directly to an outstanding art museum.

Wouldn’t it be splendid to build a structure leading directly from the Riverwalk, a new structure dedicated exclusively to The Morris Museum of Art, deserving of this honor and a true asset to our city?

That would be a vast improvement for the Riverwalk and Augusta.

Gloria R. Greenbaum



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