Return integrity to voting

Election integrity is absolutely necessary in the voting process. However, more and more evidence points to fraud taking place in the last election with the vote being “flipped.” How is this possible? Several people have pointed out how electronic touch-screen voting machines can be, and have been, corrupted.


All citizens – whether Republican, Democrat, Green or Libertarian – should be able to have confidence that voting is safe.

Without confidence in the process, illegitimate election results undermine the ability to trust the elected. What is the answer?

Picture ID in each state should be required if a person is to cast a vote. For the most part, we all need a picture ID to do business, and that includes the homeless. This will help prevent individuals from voting in more than one precinct.

Every time a vote is cast, it should produce a paper record of the vote. Touch-screen voting machines do not produce a paper trail. Therefore, machine tabulation is open to hacking and manipulation by the individuals running the election. Paper ballots leave an audit trail that will help ensure integrity and can be reviewed by the voter for errors. Also, every ballot could have a control number so it will not be miscounted.

Ballots not entered into the counting process during the pre-approved voting period should not be counted.

How can voters who are concerned about voting integrity get involved? Here are some of the ways. Join This is operated by citizens for citizens to equip volunteers for involvement in the election process. They desire to protect the rights of legitimate voters, regardless of their political party affiliation.

Another way to be involved is to volunteer on Election Day with your political party as a poll watcher. You are there to make sure the rules are being followed – i.e., addresses of the voters are checked, and if your state requires picture ID, it is matched to the address.

Also, contact the State Elections Commission and insist on paper ballots. Get rid of the electronic touch-screen voting machines. That is a choice for integrity in the voting process.

If you know registered voters who do not vote because they have given up on the process, encourage them to vote and be involved.

Voting is a privilege! Let’s bring integrity back into the process.

Ruth A. Johnson

North Augusta, S.C.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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