Remove our lying president

As an independent voter, I can’t understand how Democrats and Republicans can stand by and do nothing about a president who blatantly lies to the American people.


President Obama said he would get to the bottom of the Benghazi incident and bring justice to those killed, but instead he and his administration have blocked those committees investigating at every turn. Instead of firing United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice for lying about what caused the assault on our embassy in Benghazi, he promoted her.

He said he would get to the bottom of the Internal Revenue Service incident because the American people were mistreated, and what we saw at the hearings were employees at the top level take the Fifth Amendment.

For the past week President Obama has been on tour once again lying to the American people. The reason was supposed to be about the economy, but he couldn’t resist blaming the Republicans for our sad state of affairs. In his diatribe of ignorance, he had the unmitigated gall to trivialize the scandals of the past several months saying they were “phony,” and that was the reason the economy is so poor. This despicable act of disrespect for our dead and grieving families should not be tolerated.

To add insult to injury, Obama met with the Vietnamese president recently and gave praise to former president Ho Chi Minh regarding his liking for our Constitution. It mattered little that Ho killed a half-million of his own people and cost our country more than 58,000 killed. As a 100-percent disabled Marine Vietnam veteran, I take exception to this.

Obama has shown by deed that he can’t be trusted. We should have a special election to remove the liar in chief from office.