Obama knows we're racist

Our country was surprised when President Obama recently spoke about racism and, obviously, this is the way he felt all his life, and it is also the way I feel.

We have lynched, cracked heads, dragged blacks out of diners and shoved them into jail. For decades we and the world saw horrendous pictures, barbarism and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI looking the other way. President Kennedy was aware, but there was nothing he could do without losing the Democratic South. He had to die to give us Lyndon Johnson, who immediately implemented civil and voting rights laws with the unanimous vote from both houses. He was well aware that the South was lost, but he ended his speech about the laws with a hopeful phrase: “We shall overcome.”

President Obama knows we are racists. The country knows it, and the world knows it. We are hypocrites. Recently Paula Deen lost most of her sponsors for having used the N-word in the past – a word that is constantly on our racist minds. We are so very careful of our political correctness, but blacks – sorry, “African-Americans” – are and will remain second-class citizens.