Quit fanning flames of hate

The George Zimmerman trial has polarized our country and caused more damage to racial harmony. The worst part is the way many, including our most highly placed politicians, want to throw away our justice system.


One of the jurors who acquitted Zimmerman proclaims he “got away with murder,” but the state didn’t have enough evidence for them to convict! Now Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to scrape up something to charge Zimmerman with to appease the protesters, and even the president has to comment, expressing his displeasure with the verdict. Neither man has anything to do with this case, nor was it a federal matter.

How is it that the national media have become so important in our judicial system? George Zimmerman was tried and convicted by the press before he was ever arrested. Television news had racial tensions stirred up to where local officials were begging for calm before the verdict was reached. Afterward, more attention was paid to the protesters, leading to the impression that was far more important than the verdict.

Commentators such as Nancy Grace, supposedly legal experts, give the impression they would rather be executioners more than they want to be unbiased reporters. “Activists” such as the Rev. Al Sharpton try to inflame racial hatred before any evidence is presented. Remember Tawana Brawley?

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?




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