Nation hasn't been perfect

Some preachers, male and female, on television put on a show when they preach. Creflo Dollar is making Christians think they can sin and get away with it.


Matthew Hagee has been critical of people on entitlements. He should not do this because he has received part of his money from such people’s donations. Hagee has talked about young people, but he doesn’t realize he is still a young person himself, and he has a long way to go before he gets old.

Hagee, Truth in Action Ministry, CBN News, Pat Robertson of The 700 Club, Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey all have been prejudiced against President Obama.

The United States was not so Christian and perfect when it was created because the United States had the slave trade, and slavery for almost 100 years after it was created and segregation for almost 200 years. It took the Civil War to end slavery. Lynching used to be a part of life in the United States. So there have been worse times in the United States than what is going on today.

A lot of racism has ended in the United States, but there still are many racists left. Our present problems did not start with President Obama.

One more word about entitlements: There are almost 1 million military veterans who deserve disability entitlements but cannot get them. There are millions of civilians who deserve disability entitlements but cannot get them. I know of cases.

The United States is a great country, but it has never been perfect.

I have been an official Christian for almost 53 years.



Tue, 11/21/2017 - 23:52

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon