We need to foster change

On July 20, I called for gatherings at the steps of the Augusta Judicial Center and John H. Ruffin Jr. Courthouse, and at Williams Memorial C.M.E. Church. Other leaders shared in major roles for both events for Trayvon Martin.

The George Zimmerman trial has caused a divide in communities across the nation. However, I am saddened that both families will feel the pain for some time to come. Nevertheless, this does not change what could have been avoided, had the right choice been made to know where one’s rights begin and end. Don’t you think our laws need to be changed or modified – so those who make them, those who carry them out and those who must abide by them will understand and have no question as to their function?

I have no problem with going to Sanford, Fla., nor to Jena, La., to stand by the Jena Six. But I am concerned that on the heels of this national movement and before this is over for good, we have had three young African-Americans killed just this past weekend and others killed in our very own back yard. We will have vigils for them, and I have led and shared with many. But after the demonstrations and vigils, what will we do? In Chicago, more than 500 were killed last year and about 200 so far this year. Why are no buses of protesters going up there?

I think the lives of black men and women are important also. Therefore, I call for the reactivation of Augustans Together, the organization that promoted racial and ethnic harmony. We need to foster change.




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