Pray for persecuted Deen

Regarding the Paula Deen fiasco: I believe Paula Deen grew up hearing and believing that the truth will make you free.

I am what I am – black. However, to some black folks, they believe that the “n-word” represents them. They even teach this to their children, and their children teach it to their children. The point I am trying to convey to all people of color is that in the past, they have been not permitted in the debates that took place to divine who we are.

Years ago when I was a young man, I went to sleep a “Negro” and to my surprise I woke up and was told I was “negroid.” Lo and behold, a few years later I was told that I was “black,” and today I am being told that I am “African-American.” So when I apply for services, I am embarrassed when I see the word “other” under the race description on application forms.

Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus and Alabama Gov. George Wallace both used the n-word openly during their segregationist administrations, and I believe they both retired with state pensions. They were rewarded, not persecuted as Paula Deen is being treated. Are there different standards for different folks?

God gives us all minds and imaginations so we can remember the past and peek into the future, to forget the negatives of life and concentrate on making positive changes. Pray for Ms. Deen.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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