What becomes of Detroit?

Detroit, once the fifth-largest city in America, has filed for bankruptcy. Hopefully the federal government will not bail out decades of mismanaging politicians with federal taxpayer dollars.


As with other cities whose elitist leaders seek to centrally control all aspects of citizens’ lives while lacking the competence to do so, Detroit is bankrupt. The producers have left the once-great city of 1.8 million leaving less than 700,000 – many who are parasites depending on the city teats. This did not take place quickly. It took more than 60 years!

It is similar to the current situation at the federal level. Hiring and promotions have been based on race instead of competence, while pay, tenure and benefits have been extraordinary. Parkinson’s Law – “work expands to fill the time available for its completion” – also may be used to explain the situation, especially the number of “special assistants to the president” (czars).

The Obama administration ignored centuries of contract law in the General Motors bailout. Union members were moved to the head of the line, and creditors were pushed back. Most in Detroit also are friends and supporters of the Democratic Party.

Will the federal courts follow the law? Will the lawyer-in-chief provide additional guidance?

Chuck Tatum

North Augusta, S.C.


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