Obamacare isn't affordable

I have read and listened to elected officials touting the benefits and lower cost of the so-called “affordable” health-care mandate.


The Marriott Augusta and Doubletree Columbia that I oversee have lost their health-care provider. That’s right – Consumers Life is leaving Georgia because of the high cost of delivering health care. Not affordable.

We will look for a new provider. Last year our costs were up by double-digit increases, and that was after significant negotiations to get it down from the 24 percent they wanted to increase.

Effective Jan. 1, we will be required by this mandate to pay a new “tax” not included with insurance premiums going up.

With more than 300 team members, the new tax at $5.37 per member per month is $19,332 per year.

I wish I could raise our food prices like that.

If this “affordable” health care is so good, why did our elected officials opt themselves out? Why did unions in California get a pass on this the very next day from then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

I am sure our costs for this year will rise again by double digits, and if this continues we will have to decide if we can continue to afford this or opt out and pay the fine.

Paying the fine would almost cut our costs in half, by the way.

I urge other business owners to speak up about their feelings on this crucial matter. It isn’t affordable.

Darryl C. Leech



(The writer is vice president and general manager of the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.)



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