What makes a race issue?

Let me understand something: There is no white caucus in Georgia government. There is no White Entertainment Television network.


When two blacks almost beat a white couple to death on Augusta’s Riverwalk, that is not a race issue. There are no all-white colleges in Augusta because that would be racist! There is no White Panthers group in Augusta, but I think the East Boundary Boys might kill a white person for driving through their “hood” – and that’s not considered racist. When it is black-on-white crime, I think it goes underreported, yet when a white man kills a black man and is found innocent, then that becomes a race issue.

Am I missing something?

The Rev. Al Sharpton is doing his best to inflame people like he did with the Tawana Brawley case. Surprise! It looks like some people prefer fighting to reasoning.

Augusta is better than that. But you know what they say about excuses.

Charles Elliott