Put furloughs in perspective

It is not a practice I generally exercise to respond to a comment found in the Rants and Raves section of The Augusta Chronicle. People should be convicted enough in their beliefs to identify themselves. I would rather address them face-to-face.


I am referring to the comment made about the use of furlough days. The author of the comment suggests that the administration and the school board welcome the use of furloughs. We know that the use of such a measure is a pay cut in pay for all employees. The fortunate reality is this: We were able to save jobs for people. In these very tough economic times, people need to remain employed at some level. And this is what the school board attempted to achieve.

This school system has lost more than $159 million in state revenue since 2003. If the school board eliminated all central office administration, including the superintendent, it would not generate even $3 million. Compare that to $20 million in lost revenue each year.

Both private and public institutions are having to navigate this economic storm.

Frank Roberson, Ph.D.



(The writer is superintendent of Richmond County schools.)



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